Drops Media

A new type of media company.

About Us

We live in a tough time for news and media. Facebook fills us with crap, you have the US President claiming everything is fake news. And how about those banner ads? They're so annoying, right?

We want to make that better. We make tools to actually make money for publishers on the internet. We publish content that's profitable, informative without spreading fear or bombarding with ads.

Our Work

WhichTrip helps you find the perfect destination for your next trip by putting your needs against a database of over 350 destinations across the globe. From small villages in Malaysia to the bright lights of New York. We'll find your right place, and then the accommodation and flights to complete it.

Scribr wants to help journalists save time by automating interview process by using machine learning to automate the transcription process.

WhichTwo helps consumers find the best products for them, no bullshit. We use a mixture of first person reviews, AI summarization and sentiment analysis from retailer comments to help people out.

@here news is coming soon. It's been a long time coming. But this will be fun.

Quicka - helping freelancers pay and get paid. Upload your invoice and be paid the same day, no account chasing or payment term fuss.

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